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"I have been working out with Colleen for 6 months and I am so pleased with my progress! Colleen has done a great job designing workouts for me that meet my needs and other activities.  


My primary activity is cycling, and Colleen has tailored my workouts to help me become a stronger and more balanced cyclist. Collen is motivating, innovative and an expert on personal training. In addition, she is a lovely person and super fun to work out with!" 

Susan A.


"I have been training with Colleen 2x per week since 2015. I will be 67 soon and I hope to continue skiing and hiking for as long as possible.


These activities are no longer effortless and require fitness training of the related muscle groups. Colleen took up downhill skiing for a couple of seasons to understand the muscle groups involved in this sport. Colleen is an excellent trainer and is very accomplished at creating personalized training programs. Colleen brings great enthusiasm to her work."

John G.

Highland Games Athlete

"Colleen thoroughly researches and learns new techniques to help you tune in to what you need for whatever you goal is.  After learning the particulars of my unique sport, she moved me away from predominately heavy lifts to more cardio, flexibility, and accessory work, while maintaining my strength. I am not only performing better, but my recovery rate is on point.  When you are pushing 60 and have to throw all day that is HUGE!

Melissa P.

General Fitness

"Colleen has improved my fitness, flexibility, strength and confidence. Colleen customizes workouts to suit my ability and stamina, pushing me to accomplish things that I would not tackle on my own. She has my best interest at heart, always researching new exercises to keep me motivated and challenged. She makes sure I progress to the next level, and targets specific areas ultimately resulting in a full body workout.


Her expertise, professional manner, and sunny disposition make Colleen an outstanding trainer. As a result of her dedication to her craft and her clients, I am a better athlete and a happier person."


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