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Kettlebell Queen's Blog 
Blog #1

My journey into the fitness industry
Hi Everyone! Welcome to Kettlebell Queen's first blog post!  I want to tell you little bit about myself, and how I 
became the personal trainer I am today.
I was always active as a kid, participating in soccer, field hockey, and ice hockey.  I did sports camps in the off season and enjoyed running three days a week. Once I graduated High School, I stopped participating in sports, and that's when I turned to the gym.
I worked out 3-4 days a week all through college, working out in gyms, at home and loved workout videos.  I graduated from Lasell College with a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism.  After working in the hotel industry for seven years, I decided to pursue my passion for fitness.  I studied for my ACE Certification while working in hotels, and once I got certified I started working in commerical gyms.
I worked at Bally Total Fitness, Gold's Gym, Stow (Global) Fitness, and now I am on my own working at Tornado Gym.  I learned so much from each place I went, developing my unique style, and building up a good clientele by customizing workouts to their needs, and building connections with them.
I am always searching for more and better ways to build and design workout programs.  I have done that by seeking out advanced certifications, reading books, articles, and going to fitness conferences whenever I can, and take pride in being the best personal trainer I can be

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